Process Psychology Ltd provides clinical psychology services to individuals, groups and organisations, based at clinics in the Guildford, Godalming and Farnham area. We apply the latest process driven, evidence-based psychological models to

guide our work; improving health, reducing distress and helping people achieve their goals to create meaningful and fulfilling lives. Outside of private practice we work as senior clinical psychologists in the NHS.

Prospective clients often find it helpful to read reviews and feedback from previous clients before booking an appointment. We routinely ask for feedback from people we have worked with and publish this unedited feedback under the 'Reviews and feedback' tab - please do take a look.

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Process driven?


Recent advances in the treatment of different emotional, behavioural and psychological problems emphasise the common processes that underlie these problems. Predicting and influencing these processes with brief, precise psychological interventions can help individuals to live full and meaningful lives and organisations to succeed. These are the aims of Process Psychology.




Process Psychology is committed to providing an effective service for our clients. This means we provide focused, evidence-based psychological interventions to help our clients achieve their goals in a timely manner. 


What else can you expect?


We are committed to working in an open, honest, kind and professional way with the people we meet. We work exclusively within our areas of competence and expertise.